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Media 101 For Our Future

Media 101 For Our Future provides an educational program that shares the option of a career in multi-media for youth, 5th grade through 12th grade. Our program includes a field trip to an actual radio station where students will take a tour, learn how to produce commercials, learn some media history and go live on the air. We also visit schools, community organizations and community events.

Radio/TV History

AM (amplitude modulation) Developed in 1892.

First Radio Station - Nov. 2, 1920

KDKA Pittsburgh, PA.

First Radio Station in Maryland - 1920's


First Black Radio Announcer - 1929

Jack L. Cooper WSBC Chicago.

FM (frequency modulation) Developed in 1933

First All Black On-Air Staff - 1949 WDIA Memphis

First Black Owned Radio Station - WERD 860 AM Atlanta

1950's TV surpassed radio as the most popular broadcast medium.

Social Media History

1999 Black Planet

2002 Friendster

2003 My Space

2005 Facebook

2006 Twitter

2010 Instagram

2011 Snapchat

2016 TikTok

Digital/Internet Radio

1999 - 365 Live

2002 Tunein Radio

2008 - iHeart Radio 

Technology Advancement History

-Computer invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. 'Micral N' was the first personal computer developed in 1973. Personal computer entered market in 1983.

-Turntable invented in 1895 by Emile Berliner. Jimmy Savile claimed to be the first person to use two turntables and a microphone, at the Grand Records Ball at the Guardbridge Hotel in 1947.

-Handheld Cell Phone Invented by Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. Available to public in 1983.

-Internet officially launched Jan.1, 1983. It went public as the World Wide Web in April 30, 1993.

Streaming Media History

1999 Pandora

2000 Lime Wire

2001 iTunes

2005 YouTube

2006 Spotify

2011 Google Play Music (Replaced in 2020 by YouTube Music)

2014 Tidal

Podcasting History

In 2004 Adam Curry (a former MTV VJ) and Dave Winer (a software developer) found a way to download online radio broadcasts to an iPod—a game-changing device that had been released a few years earlier in 2001.

What Our CEO And Others Say


Dondre' Phoenix, CEO

Our program provides a great opportunity for students to learn many of the behind the scene career options in multimedia. Everyone can't be in front of the camera or behind the mic. They'll get hands on details of what other career options multimedia offers. We make learning them interactive and fun!

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