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Banks and Non-profit Team Up to Educate Student Athletes on ‘Riches to Wealth’ Blueprint Program

The mission of Riches to Wealth is to empower student athletes and families in life-long financial decisions, and to provide tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions...

Wells Fargo and One West Bank join forces with Baron Jay Foundation on financial literacy “Riches to Wealth” blueprint program, and “Long Term Wealth from New Found Riches” which provides student athletes and their families with a blueprint on financial education. The program uses case studies with an emphasis on athletes to understand their financial journey from acquiring new found money to investments and wealth management.

Some of the case studies include Mike Tyson who could have been the first billionaire athlete, and Ulysses Lee “Junior” Bridgeman, the 4th wealthiest retired athlete in the world. Students also will receive tutorials on budget breakdown which will focus on how they will spend and invest their first 2-million-dollar salary.

Alternate ways of budgeting and investing will also be discussed. Riches to Wealth also brings in former and current athletes along with financial coaches to speak to the students. Baron Jay Littleton who founded the nonprofit Baron Jay Foundation believes the information will be reinforced by bringing in former and current athletes to speak to the student athletes and tell their personal stories. Riches to Wealth is not limited to just student athletes.

The mission of Riches to Wealth is to empower student athletes and families in life-long financial decisions, and to provide tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions that can lead to long term wealth and self-sufficiency beyond the field and classroom. The program is designed to address psycho-socioeconomic aspects and beliefs about money both specific to athletes and inner city youth, and will educate them about the effect of such beliefs.

Mr. Littleton conducted market research at Dana and David Pump’s summer VIP party at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California. Dana and David Pump are the owners of Double Pump which provides opportunities for high school student athletes to compete in quality events against top talent in front of recruiters, scouts and college coaches that will increase their chances of earning a college scholarship. More information can be found at

When surveyed, several athletes expressed interest in a series of workshops that focused on financial education provided by a financial coach and a former or current athlete. That was the impetus for the Riches to Wealth workshops. Riches to Wealth has partnered with Moe Ager Hoops of to teach workshops at his basketball and training camps. Moe Ager is a two-time, All-American and First Round NBA Draft pick.

Mr. Littleton and Mr. Ager have a few things in common. They are both from Detroit Michigan and both played college sports at Michigan State. They met through the Los Angeles Michigan State University Alumni Association.

Riches to Wealth will partner with other former and current athletes and sports camps during the off season to offer Riches to Wealth workshops for their student athletes and families.

Baron Jay Foundation has also partnered with Award Winning Director Alton Glass (CRU) to create mini-social interview videos and animation segments on financial literacy with athletes, actors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

For inquires further information contact: or call 818-239-4148

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