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Beyonce Signs Huge Deal With Sony/ATV

Beyonce has linked back up with her business associate Big Jon Platt and now they are about to make some power moves together.

Beyonce has made a major new career move, reuniting with former Warner Chappell boss Jon Platt for a global agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

The new deal covers the superstar's back catalog and includes her Destiny's Child hits.

Platt, who is the current Sony/ATV chairman and CEO, worked with Beyonce when she was previously signed to Warner Chappell.

"I am excited for what's to come with my continued partnership with Jon Platt in his new leadership role at Sony/ATV," Beyonce in a statement. "Jon's the executive who understands the creative mindset and continues to be both an advocate and protector. It has been an honor working with Jon from the start of my career."

He adds, "Beyond all of her well-deserved accolades and accomplishments, Beyonce is simply one of the most driven and impactful talents I know. I've had the privilege of making incredible music with her throughout her career and she continues to set the bar for creative expression in all forms. Beyonce inspires generations with her songs and I am honored to reunite with her at Sony/ATV."

The new deal means Beyonce now shares a publishing house with Rihanna, who signed with Sony/ATV last year and Taylor Swift.

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