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Grammy Award Winning Producer Kyle West Added His Flavor To The New Jack Era

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Legendary Grammy Award winning producer Kyle West joined ItzYourzRadioLive and chopped it up with hosts Donni-Oh! & J-Mo. Having produced for Al B. Sure, Heavy D, Tevin Campbell and many others, Kyle West carved out his name as one of the "go-to" producers in the late 80's and early 90's. Of course, during that time period of R&B, Teddy Riley created a unique sound infusing mid to uptempo hip-hop and R&B dance rhythms "dubbed" New Jack Swing.

Kyle West's name is often forgotten during that period. West's sound was similar to the "New Jack" sound, yet had a dash of smoothness to it. Check out a portion of the interview:

The Kyle West Produced Classic, Tevin Campbell's "Goodbye":

The Kyle West Produced Classic, Al B. Sure's "Off On Your Own":

Although Kyle West developed his production and songwriting skills during the 80's and 90's New Jack Swing era, he has shown versatility and the ability to endure the duration of time by working with artists such as Donell Jones, Jill Scott, 702, Ashanti and many others.

Here we are over 30 years later and Kyle West has a record label, Kollective Recordz, along with partners Andre Hendrix, Leo Blaze, DJ Shy and Rob Anderson. Showing the ability to grow with the times, West and crew has 24 year old Virginian, Benjamin Reynolds at the forefront, ready to make some noise. Reynolds' single, "Slide", has a BIG sound and is reminiscent of a "Bruno Mars" pop/r&b sound, which by the way, borrows heavy from, ironically, the early 90's sound. Like many things in life, history has a way of repeating itself. Some things aren't worth repeating, but reliving a slice of some 90's r&b, with a dash of 2020 pop, isn't a bad thing.

Check out Benjamin Reynold's new single "Slide":

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