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With all that's going on in today's world, truth, open minded dialogue and strategic action are needed more than ever. The all-new 24/7 black talk radio station, Soul Talk 100, is here to address those needs. Soul Talk 100 hits at the heart of issues concerning black people world wide. Social, political, historical, spiritual, sports, music and entertainment news and issues are discussed daily.

Soul Talk 100 has partnered with TUNEIN, a FREE radio station app with over 50 million world wide subscribers, enabling a large world wide listenership. Soul Talk 100 can be accessed via TUNEIN, through your Smart Phone, Smart TV, PC, iPad, Tablet, Xbox, Play Station, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Dick Gregory

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Soul Talk 100 features shows and content with some of the finest Black scholars in the world. Included are Dick Gregory, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Booker T. Coleman, Francis Cress-Welsing, Khalid Muhammad, Professor Griff, Claude Anderson, Rock Newman, Brother Rich, Red Pill, Blue Pill, Dr. Tony Browder, Jane Elliott, Tim Wise, Sa Neter, Sankofa, and many more!

Jane Elliott

Dr. Tony Browder

Francis Cress-Welsing

Booker T. Coleman



The Mogul Circuit

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Tuesdays @ 8pm & Saturdays at 12noon

Born and raised in Queens, New York, The Mogul Circuit's Creater and Host Danielle VanRiel has always been a visionary. Topics of discussion included are business, social and personal. Special guests are invited on the show, in which they share their experiences within the topic(s) discussed.


Capri Lee, Visionary, Actress and 1/2 of 'Cousins Cuttin Up'... you never know what to expect from her. She's also a producer of the hit show, The Mogul Circuit


Singer and Song Writer Ty Bolden is also 1/2 of 'Cousins Cuttin Up'.... She's working on a few projects. Stay tuned to the Mogul Circuit, to stay up to date on what she's doing.

The POV Sports Show

The POV Sports Show, hosted by Devon "POV" Mason, a native of Capitol Heights, MD, Devon brings to you the real in sports talk. With extensive dialogue, analytics, knowledge and expertise, the POV Sports Show provides information and a wide scope that encompasses some of the best sports coverage anywhere.

Special guests and interviews add to the incredible insight that is provided within the social construct that often times have a direct affect within the world of sports.

Don't miss The POV Sports Show every Monday at 8pm on Soul Talk 100 and The POV Sports wRap every Sunday at 4:15pm on Live 97.5. If you miss any of the live broadcasts, check out The POV Sports Show, daily, via iHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC, SPOTIFY and GOOGLE Podcast.



 The Warren Ballentine Show  

Screenshot_2020-06-18 (2) Dondre DonniOh

Warren Ballentine, a Chicago native, tackle the topics of the day, drawing from his background as a motivational speaker, attorney, political activist and radio talk show host.

Don't miss The WB Show Monday-Friday 5pm-6pm and Saturday's 1pm-2pm on Soul Talk 100.